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lockerz online survey parenting childrenLockerz is a new web site that is creating quite a buzz amongst young people, thanks to some very clever – some people might say annoying – viral marketing.  The site apparently gives away free stuff – iPods, computer games, phone gear – and of course your average teenager is very interested in this kind of thing!

Your child’s social life (as in the face-to-face meeting of people) is already in decline thanks to endless hours “levelling” in World of Warcraft, so another few hours in front of the screen each day is probably not going to make much difference. But it is always good to know just what it is that your children are up to when they go online, so this article gives parents some basic information about Lockerz – what it is and what it says it is going to be.


(I am the parent of two teenage boys so I like to take an interest in this sort of thing.) 


Joining Lockerz and email traps

First up you should know that, at this time, no one can join Lockerz without being invited by an existing member. The owners say that this is because the web site is under construction, but let’s face it: all web sites are under construction. It is already performing certain basic economic transactions and it already has a substantial membership, particularly amongst teenagers. So in reality Lockerz is an operating website, even if not all its buttons lead any place.

Furthermore, it is very easy to find an invite to join Lockerz simply by searching through Google. There are hundreds of pages with invite links out there (actually 162,000 pages when I checked today), so the invitation-only idea seems rather pointless... except, of course, that children have a natural drive and curiosity to explore places, particularly “secret” places, especially if there is “free stuff” there.

There are numerous reports on the web that many of the invite pages are email-harvesting traps – that the user’s email address is sent on to spammer’s mailing lists. If your child’s email box suddenly starts filling up with junk mail, there may be a problem.

Currently, invited members are able to help test the site, give feedback, and, of course, get that “free stuff”.


Lockerz terms of use

To sign up, you need to accept the 3000 word terms of use. Probably no one will read them, but they are worth a quick scan because when I checked them they contained the rather sinister phrase:


“Remember, pigs get fat - hogs get slaughtered.”

The sign-up process is straightforward. You fill in few personal fields, accept the terms and conditions, and away you go. Lockerz captured my zipcode/postcode, mobile phone number, gender, name, email address, and time zone. It also said I could give it my date of birth if I wanted to.

That means that people at Lockerz know approximately where I live and whether I am a boy or a girl. They also know how to phone me and how to send me email. This presents an opportunity, of course, for Lockerz and its trusted partners to target me with their age- and geographically-matched advertising offers.

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-- Lockerz and today's society --


Hey Chris!


Your main theme with this text might not be to say that Lockerz is a bad site, rather to show the parents out there, exactly what kind of site Lockerz, is. But your writing everything from a very negative perspective wich I dont appreciate.


You point with this text is also to show that todays teenagers are spending way too many hours in front of a computer. But then we should all question ourselves, what is actually life in todays society? Many teenagers would answer ''Sitting in front of a computer'', and I dont find this hard to believe since the society we are living in is very computerfixated.


I have just asked my son, who is a ''gamer'' for his opinion about this, and he answered as following:


''We are children, our goal is to have fun, and to have fun we need gear, yeah for example computergames, wich you can get from this site Lockerz.


You are mentioning that you are a teenager dad, and that this one of the reason why you wrote this article, but if I would be a poor teenager dad, then I would be rather happy since YOU will need to spend less money on your children's hobbygears.


Keep on writing!


Well regards

Curious Parent Steve Wankins





You make a very good point Steve. As a parent I can't help but be concerned about the amount of time my children spend on their computers - but then again I was the one who bought them a computer in the first place, so who am I to complain? And it also true that I spend far to much time online too. It is, as you say, the way of the modern world. Thanks for your perceptive comments. - Chris

Hello there Steve.


I do not agree with what your son told you, due to the fact that boys often only look for porn.

Apart from the fact, that so far they haven't actually shipped anything to anyone, my biggest gripe with Lockerz is their "advertisement model".


One of the more seedy (and creative) places on the interwebs, 4chan's Random board, which has spawn plenty of internet memes (Rickroll and LOLCats are just two), has been spammed over the past coupld of weeks by users posting about this awesome new site, that's giving away stuff for free (Lockerz of course).


Unfortunately, one of the posters was a bit sloppy in covering up the name and adress of the package he had recieved (which by the way, anyone with the least experience in the postage service, could tell had not been through the mail system), allowing other users to look him up through Google.


The result? The person who had posted an image of himself with random items he had allegedly recieved from Lockerz, was shown to be the employee of a viral marketing firm out of Seattle.


It would appear that Lockerz had hired this marketing firm to make Lockerz a new forced meme. Ask yourself, if this is a trustworthy form of advertising?

Some weeks ago I submitted a completely neutral entry on Lockerz to Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org), on the grounds that something which is as fast-growing as Lockerz is worthy of a Wikipedia entry. I also contributed a small update to the Wikipedia entry for Liberty Media, the owners of Lockers.

After much (irrelevant) discussion and argument, both my page on Lockerz and my update to the Liberty Media entry have been killed by the editors at Wikipedia, even though there was acknowledgement that Lockerz is a significant site that really should have an entry in Wikipedia.

It seems that the main problem is that the viral marketing of the site has so completely annoyed the powers that be at Wikipedia that no entry about it can ever stand without some wikifool deleting it.

Shame on you Wikipedia.

    Hey, as a teenager I would like to say that spending time online is actually a new form of social interaction. There are people on the other side of the screen "levelling" up with you and you have to talk to them and treat them like real people because that's what they are. Times change, and not always for the worst.


By the way, I can not wrap my head around why people feel it's so important to use all the "hip" "slang" but at the same time distance themselves from the users of the words by "inappropriately" disconnecting the "jargon" from the rest of the sentence by "containing" the unfamilliar words in quotation marks. Not to mention that the words are frequently used wrong. Teenagers are people too, and alot of us are just as smart and aware of our surroundings as many adults (in some cases we are much more aware, whatever the reason for that may be).


Oh, and for someone who has kids, you should try to sound like you've actually had experience interacting with teenagers. Your article makes it sound like you've only ever heard of these strange creatures in textbooks and fairy tales.


All that aside, I myself received a lockerz invite, and I have been trying to figure out what the website is. I'm more than a little offended at all the stereotypes for teens the site uses (worse, the fact that they usually work), but for the most part it just seems like an annoying way to conduct market research. The prizes sound nice, but then again there's the whole "fresh out" problem. This article has at least been a little more informative.

"When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years."

- Mark Twain.


Yes, teenagers are people too, and like adults some of them are smart and some of them are dumber than they could be. As my own faculties fail and my two teenage boys mature, I am reminded on a daily basis that the future belongs to the young, and that they will live in days I will barely comprehend. They make me aware of this every dinner time. But I can't help remembering that I too thought my parents  didn't get it, and that I used to roll my eyes every time they questioned my teenage lifestyle. Truth is that we could both learn from each other if our minds were open to that fact.


Teenagehood is a particularly frustrating time for parents. The manual we were given when they were born seems now to have nothing but blank pages. Yet, still, we try to shape their little minds, try to make them little carbon-copies of ourselves, because otherwise what, as parents, is our purpose in life? As an old git, I understand from deep experience that hours spent "levelling" are hours truly wasted. Why can't you kids spend weeks playing with Lego like I did?


I am sorry to hear that wikipedia has deleted your article on lockerz. However, I support their decision strongly. Lockerz is promoting scam and nothing else but scam. Giving prizes to select group of people either chosen by some random algorithm or something better. It is called the brainwashing tactic to gain as much users as possible for their personal gain. They hired people to post fake proof videos on youtube, http://www.lockerz-scam.com shows proof of their scam. Visit and see for yourself. Great job Wikipedia.


Well I have redeemed two small items and I mean small items, one was a cover for a iphone that I do not have and the other is a cheeseburger zip drive that I do not use. So I can not really speak on if it's a scam or not but I do know I have 797 PTZ and I want to redeem for a nintendo wii and psp if they do not run out fast like they always do.


Nice info on the site by the way

i dont think this can be a scam because they have support from some bands like cobra starship and panic at the disco, i think they are going to try to make it like another social network like myspace

I redeemed a DS game for 100 ptz, and I got it all the way to sweden :)


 Lockerz is not a scam at all it only takes 15 seconds each day to do what is needed to gain PTZ for the prizes. That being said read the terms close and stick with them. Only invite true friends and family I cant stress this enough! Don't be greedy and invite complete strangers just to get PTZ. Lockerz only wants close ones you know =). The site is rather entertaining to say the least. Crazy uniqe daily questions that are quite good and I am very happy to be a part of lockerz and gaining free stuff wile im entertained! Click my name for a fast invite when im online. 10-4PM EST you can always go to www.lockerz.com main page and click "Want an invite" too but that will take up to two weeks! :)


Take care


 Lockerz is legit. Don't let anyone fool you try it out for yourself. Anyone saying SCAM honestly needs a dictionary cause Lockerz scams you of nothing it's a FREE SERVICE. Simply quit the service if your not happy with it.

Hi,jouli here, I am student of microsoft mcse. Getting board just searching and find out your site. Your site is really nice especially this article Lockerz is very informative. All the articles are very informative and increase my knowledge a lot. Well this site plays a very important role in improve of our new generation Good job.... keep it up

scam - deprive of by deceit.....no where does it say you have to lose money or materical possesions for it to be called a scam....regardless if you dont value your time lockerz is still depriving people of time and effort by deceiving them with the notion that they have tons of prizes in stock and that people have a huge chance of getting a prize...So because they are depriving of by deceit it is a scam....now yes lockerz gives prizes but your chances are very small..seeing as the restocks can happen at anytime in the month at any time of day you need to be on 24.7 to have a better chance...also because they wait till the last 1-2 days of the month then everyone knows it has to be one of the two so most people will be on all day and night refreshing to see if restock is happening...also they only stock up a few thousand prizes but they have several million members.. 2.5+ million according to the LAB meeting back in NOV/DEC....if you also look at the November restock when thousands of people had there prizes revoked, the December restock which only lasted about 2 mins before everything was out of stock, and this January restock which was lasted about 30 secs before everything was out of stock...what are the chance you will even get to see a item in stock other then wallpapers...if lockerz is so legit then they is there all this stuff about it being a scam, why is it they shut down there facebook right after redemptions??? why is it anti-lockerz sites and forums show huge traffic right after redemption? why is it that? hmmm


You can be the first to know about Lockerz February redemption date .

Their is a site called LockerzAlerts ( http://www.lockerzalerts.com ) that monitors Lockerz site and searches for redemption events. Once they are found one they will send text message to your mobile phone . BOTH subscription and the text message is FREE.

Good luck in the next Lockerz redemption!





Your child’s social life (as in the face-to-face meeting of people) is already in decline thanks to endless hours “levelling” in World of Warcraft, so another few hours in front of the screen each day is probably not going to make much difference. But it is always good to know just what it is that your children are up to when they go online, so this article gives parents some basic information about Lockerz – what it is and what it says it is going to be.


Certified mcse from Microsoft.


OK lockerz gets money on ads. Duh. Then they use a certain percent of those profits to actually buy the items for you to redeem. Now lets be honest for a moment, how much of they're money are they willing to give up on prizes. The answer is simple, enough to keep you thinking that you will eventually get a prize. So lets just say they spent enough money so that at least, 10 percent of everyone on lockerz can redeem some points. Those ten percent can then convince everyone else that you can actually get a prize through the site. Lets also keep in mind that when they finally restock stuff it sells out in minutes because there are too many points to redeem. This means that it doesn't matter how many points you have because they are inflated, everyone has a lot of them. This also lets people "feel rich." Which is true, except that you spent all this time, on there site and inviting people to get inflated (useless) points. And what do you do with all those points? You sit and wait with immense anticipation, for the next restock. And when it comes you can't redeem because there isn't enough prizes for everyone. So in conclusion YOU EARN THEM MONEY AND YOU GET NEXT TO NOTHING, except for the very few, who serve as "proof the site is real" Unfortunately, right now at least, this isn't illegal, because they do give you a product "eventually" which might be years and years from now. And after the site has been shut down for fraud, YOU DONT GET ANYTHING.

Ive always been really happy with Lockerz up until about a week ago.  I've had decent luck in the past with a few redemptions (nothing too
exciting, a few gift cards), so I really believed in this site.  Redemptions sell out fast, last approximately 2 minutes, and they are not announced ahead of time.  If you're lucky like me and work from home, you may be able to occasionally snag a prize. 


The other way you can win prizes is by saving up your points and using them to buy merchandise.  Since it it incredibly difficult to 'redeem', this is what I have been doing.



However - My account was just closed.  I have not used bots, I have not cheated in any way.  One day I couldn't log in, two days later I got an email saying their fraud team thinks I did 'something' wrong.  (I received a generic form letter with some of their rules on it, none of which I had broken.) 

I've even been stupid enough to purchase their 'wallpapers' and 'shop'.   They've got a bit of money out of me.   I'd been saving up my points for almost a year and a half, and had just broken the 200k mark - and suddenly - now my account has been deactivated.  And, per their email, 'my points have been zeroed out' and my two pending redemption prizes have been revoked.

I've contacted support - I asked them to tell me exactly what I have done wrong, and to send me some proof because I have NOT broken any of their rules.   They will not respond.  So I then contacted the CEO Kathy who returned a one-line response 'The decisions of the fraud team are final.'

Needless to say, I'm a bit angry.

Seriously!?  I'm starting to think maybe Lockerz really IS the scam everyone thinks it is.  I've seen people on forums complain that they finally cashed in a big prize and suddenly their account was revoked.  I've seen other people on Facebook complain that Lockerz closed their account, and always assumed they had cheated or done something wrong.     Now I'm not so sure.

So today I contacted the Better Business Bureau.  If you've had your account closed or revoked a prize for absolutely no reason (and they won't even tell you why), you should too.  https://odr.bbb.org/odrweb/public/getstarted.aspx


So before you let your kids join Lockerz... know that you need to take it with a grain of salt.  Don't get their hopes up.  This site here to make money, and when they feel you're getting too close to a big prize, they'll close your account.  I'm not saying you can't snag a small prize or two here or there, but the hours you'll put into this site and the huge letdown when they pull the rug from under you isn't worth it.

i sign up for it and i'm hearing some people saying that i can get prices and some say i can't it not true i don't know what to do

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