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When Laughter Came to the Ward


It was quiet in the cardiac ward of the big Sydney hospital, only the whisper of the ceiling fans breaking the silence.  Wrapped in our own private miseries, my two fellow patients and I had nothing to say to one another, and a gloomy wordless pessimism prevailed.

Patty's Island Jewellery


My friend Patty makes jewellery in her spare time. She lives on a beautiful island that is a popular tourist destination.

Drupal Multisite Configuration via Subdirectories


If you have a basic Drupal web siteinstalled in the root directory on your webserver and you want to set up a new website in a subdirectory, with its own themes and module settings, here is how I do it.

Walking with Kitty


A leash is not something that you need so that you can continuously restrain your dog. It is a failsafe device that should kick in so rarely you hardly notice it’s there.

Unhealthy Eating: Solanine and the Potato


Potatoes evolved in southern Peru, where 6000 years ago the Inca Indians started cultivating them, both as a nutritious food and as remedy for a variety of ills. They were planted in Chile too, as the normal migration took them to new areas.

The Nymph That Mourns a Famous American


It is a pretty place, this little English town of Marlow, nestling on the north bank of the Thames, and the visitor can hardly be blamed if he has only eyes for the riverside: the sun-sparkle on the water, the white boats drifting lazily on the current, and the gaily-clad crowd on the towpath, all conspire to engage his eager attention.



A modern shopping mall is a marvel of abundance, bulging with infinite varieties of music players, cheese, and bathrobes. Its floors are stacked high with all the necessities and conveniences of modern living: eyelash curlers, plastic garden chairs, shortbread biscuits.  Every basic human need is filled by the mall.

An Unwelcome Guest in the Garden


Recently, my mother and I were reminiscing about those innocent day is, and I remembered the flowers. I asked her about them. This is the story she told me.


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