Rosemary Almberg, Biography
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Abstract artist (painter) born Bromley, England, 1930.
Resident in Sweden 1962-92. Resident in Queensland, Australia 1992- .

Educated at Maidstone Royal College of Art, and Art School in Rye.

Exhibitions since 1961, including Tenterden and Rye galleries in England,
Sveagalleriet, Trappan, Art Invest, Viktor Rydberg, Dombron galleries, Stockholm,
Perc Tucker, Civic Theatre, Louvres galleries in Australia.

Primary medium, oil on canvas in large formats, with
occasional use of acrylics, cloth, needlework and form work.
Also smaller works down to postcard size.

Recent themes include Shakespeare, playing cards, children's stories, butterflies.
Most early works are in private collections.


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