Rosemary Almberg, Paintings, 1976-2001
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Arms_Take_Your_Last_Embrace Birth_of_a_Butterfly Confused_Butterfly Death_of_a_Butterfly Feline_Felony Festival
Arms Take Your Last Embrace (1996) Birth of a Butterfly (1998) Confused Butterfly (2000) Death of a Butterfly (1998) Feline Felony (1995) Festival (2001)
Jokers_Wild Mirror_Mirror_on_the_Wall Now_is_the_Winter_of_Our_Discontent One_Lorikeet Ophelia Out_Damn_Spot
Jokers Wild (2000) Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (2000) Now is the Winter of Our Discontent (1996). One Lorikeet (1993) Ophelia (1996) Out Damn Spot (1996)
Ride_a_Cock_Horse SIBELIUS Sleeping_Castle The_Mad_Hatters_Tea_Party The_Princess_and_the_Frog The_Queen_of_Spades
Ride a Cock Horse (1999) Sibelius (1989) Sleeping Castle (1999) The Mad Hatter's Tea Party (2000) The Princess and the Frog (2000) The Queen of Spades (1993)
Waiting_for_the_Gun What_Big_Eyes_You_Have When_Shall_We_Three_Meet_Again Woman_in_a_Hat YELLOW
Waiting for the Gun (1994) What Big Eyes You Have (2000) When Shall We Three Meet Again (1996) Woman in a Hat (1976) Yellow (2001)