Information Architecture

Information architecture within a company focuses on where information comes from, where it needs to go to, and who needs to do something with it on the journey.

Your company’s documentation department play a major role in the movement of information around the company. It’s critical everyone knows what they’re doing, and doing the right thing. The company’s information systems interface with the documentation department in critical ways. Programmers need to supply specifications to the writers. Testers need to put the documentation through system test. Translators need to output the writer’s copy in multiple languages. Customer support needs help to build the knowledge base. And the customer needs the manuals.

Documentation cuts across major development and delivery areas. It affects design because deciding what information the company and the customer needs of course affects technology platforms, user interfaces, security features, and access mechanisms across the whole product range.

There are so many formats for producing information these days it is hard to know what to prioritise in documentation projects. Is your team stuck with the old way of working? Are they still using typewriters, or are they struggling with the implementation of single-sourcing systems like DITA?

Whichever end of the document spectrum they are working at, we can help. We’ve assisted major international clients with the procurement of core documentation systems. We are experts in modern documentation methods built around open-source solutions.

Our information architect can help you define the complete process for producing documentation for your customers, from business value, through all the stages of the documentation process:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Writing
  • Reviewing
  • Testing
  • Publishing
  • Translation
  • Delivery
  • Support

We can help you with the procurement, installation, configuration, integration, and set up of content management systems, and advise you on the bet tools to fit your documentation process. We can identify key points in your existing documentation process that need attention, and where small improvements can reap huge rewards.

We work with a wide-range of content management systems, publishing engines, and writing tools like Skribenta, Tag Tool, DITA, Interwoven TeamSite, Microsoft SharePoint, Drupal, WordPress, Framemaker, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, HTML Help, Robohelp, VSS, Subversion, and Visual Studio.

Our clients include telecommunications companies, supply-chain software suppliers, financial institutions and insurance companies, hospitality and service companies, and many others companies both big and small in Europe and Australia.

We work with clients in the role of team leader, technical project manager, senior editor, business analyst, IT controller, and webmaster. We have cooperative agreements with trusted partners who supply important add-on services like graphic design, editing, and translation – overnight, if need be.

We pride ourselves on not just doing a good job, but doing the right job, and never leaving you unsatisfied.

We are selective about our assignments, and never commit unless we are sure we can give 100% to it. All our consultants work at your site, giving you the personal attention and contact you need. Punctual, good fun to work with, and we do a great job.

When your company is dependent on excellence in documentation, we want you to think of us.